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Art Direction

I provided art direction and key design for lululemon's Spring 2021 Running campaign. The goal of this campaign was to appeal to a broader demographic by establishing a new look and feel for lululemon Running. I developed the lululemon RUNNING logotype as well as the campaign's visual style — everything from photo selection to typography to window signage. Movement was my core theme, expressed most predominantly through jogging vertical headline type.

lululemon RUNNING logo
lululemon RUNNING logo
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5th Ave Store Windows

Key Design materials

I designed tentpole materials that were used as guides for lululemon's internal and partner teams to follow. These pieces included windows for the 5th Ave store, billboards, in store signage, print ads, and ecommerce.

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In Store Signage
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Print Ads
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eCommerce Templates


Art Director




Sprint Step


Patrick Jeffers, Creative Director
Nai Vasha, Art Director
Lennox Rees, Senior Graphic Designer
Zack McTee, Video Production
Wavelength Productions, Video Production
Zach Hetrick, Photographer
Andre L Perry, Photographer

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