I will paint myself with your blood



Death is a collection of short stories, each examining a unique component of death's "existence." If there is any "point" about Death, it is precisely that death is point-less: death is wonderful, tragic, mysterious … subjectively all of these things, and so objectively nothing at all, death remains positioned just outside the scope of complete comprehension, tipping his old Hat to those who would attempt to understand the intricacies of a greater design whose machinations elude him most of all. Currently serializing on deathcomic.com:

Death Went into the Place Death came for the small children Death got the Shakes Death Saw the Light

"Death Went into the Place" originally appeared in Narrative Magazine.


Love, murder, fathers, daughters, and tigers, oh my! Regalia, a collection of lush and alluring short stories. Some of the stories are exclusive, some appeared in American or European magazines, and one grabbed an Eisner Award nomination in 2009. They are all love letters.

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The Lady's Murder Horse & Rider Lucky House I Can See Your Underpants Footsteps Eternity Gods : Monsters Paul

From "The Lady's Murder," a mystery told only by the men closest to the victim, to "I Can See Your Underpants," a cheeky musing on peaches and the history of ladies' undergarments, each story in Regalia spills some sort of messy secret.

"Frye has a powerful style. I had an immediate, almost visceral reaction to the images." — Derik A. Badman, COMIXTALK
"I really want this … but I'm afraid of what my pastor will say."
— Chicago Comic Con Attendee

This book was generously made possible by people like you through a Kickstarter campaign. I discussed this process in a guest lecture for San Jose State University.

"I really want this … but I'm afraid of what my pastor will say."
Alfred Whitman, Kickstarter backer

168 pages // 6"x9" // Hardcover // ISBN 0984043500 // $25.00


Taken By Night Golden Fish Ororo, Princess of the Veldt Firebird
Little Dragon The Unicorn King Spinning Bird Stray Feathers
Cold Blood Entanglements Forelorn Butcher Rabbit Heart
Cadmium You Don't Know What You Really Want Morning Little Death I Can See Your Underpants