Eliza Frye


'Death came for the small children' Book #2 of 12

'Death came for the small children' Book #2 of 12


"Would you like some coffee?" In 'Death came for the small children,' Death knocks on a door, Death meets the Mother, Death wants her children.

  • 6" x 6" mini comic
  • 24 full color pages
  • Style: chalk pastel

Meet Death, sort of. He wore an old hat. He had long fingerbones. He was an old French woman, an ascetic, an emperor, a strong breeze, an old tree. But not really. Everyone else lived and loved, laughed and bled. Death wished he could.

12 Stories About Death is a series of interrelated short stories, each glimpsing at a fleeting moment of Death's unique "existence." Written by Omar ZahZah with art by Eliza Frye. Each story is illustrated in a different visual medium.

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