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MAR 26 — Tokyo Trip

I’m taking a group from my art team at Fullscreen on a field trip to Tokyo this April. In addition to (hopefully) seeing some cherry blossoms, we’ll be putting on a couple of art events. The first is a wall of art on view in the west building at Design Festa Gallery in Harajuku Sunday April 8th through Saturday the 14th plus a secret social art project in the east building’s upstairs bathroom. “Spectrum Talk,” the second event, is a TED Talk style presentation in collaboration with Japanese design collective W0W on the interaction of personal and professional creativity taking place the evening of Friday April 13th at Omotesando Spiral.

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FEB 21 — Jem Comics

Late last year IDW Publishing commissioned me to create two covers for their Jem & the Holograms comic series. The opportunity to create official art for one of my childhood favorites is truly an outrageous dream come true. Dimensions #3 featuring Jem is in stores today and Pizzazz's issue will be released mid March. Both are retailer incentive variants so ask your local comic shop to set one aside for you.

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JUL 07 — Political Art Show

I’m co-curating a show titled  “Liberté, Egualité, Amite” with Anita Coulter at TR!CKSTER in Berkeley this Saturday July 8th. Alongside Camille Chew, Dee Dee, Eliza Ivanova, Shing Yin Khor, Lennox Rees, and Pam Wishbow I’ll be exhibiting a collection of original screen printed apparel as well as Do Something posters and stickers. Fight fight fight!

JAN 31 — Do Something

I never thought I'd make a piece of political art but America is being made "great" again so terrifyingly quickly that I have to join my fellow activists and do something. I marched in the Women's March along with 4+ million people around the world. I'd much rather be at home drawing chicks and unicorns but active resistance is more important right now. What is happening to our country is not ok. We all have to find our strengths and as an artist, this is something I can contribute. So I'm making this poster and putting it out into the world everywhere I can. Join me. All profits go to the ACLU.